How to play baccarat

How to play baccarat online

The aim of the game is to try to correctly bet on who will get the winning hand – either you or the banker.

  • You need between 1 and 8 packs of cards
  • You receive up to 3 cards
  • You add up the cards
  • You bet on either your hand, the bankers hand or there being a tie

Card Values

  • 10s and face cards count as a zero.  They have no value
  • You have to add up the total of your hand of cards and then you use only the last number of that total.  So if you have a queen, a 3 and a 9, your total is 0, 3 and 9 =12.  You then count that as a 2.
  • If you get a 7 and a 3 your total is 10, which actually means your baccarat score is “0”. – which is the best score you can get.


To play baccarat online you need to:

  • place your bet
  • the dealer will then deal 2 cards each to the players and the banker.
  • The player must then draw another card, should their card total be 5 or less.  If they have a total surpassing 5, then they stand.  The advantage of playing online is that the computer program will guide you through this process.

Now, the banker takes their turn.  They are compelled to play in a certain way.  They MUST draw a 3rd card if:

  • the banker gets 2 or less; then the banker is obliged to have another card, irrespective of the value of the player’s third card.
  • the banker gets 3; unless the players third card was 8
  • the banker gets 4; if the players last card was either 2, 3, 5, 4, 7 or 6.
  • the banker gets 5,  if the player’s third card was 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • the banker total is 6, and the player’s last card was either a total of 6 or 7.


  • If the banker totals 7, then the banker stands at that point and doesn’t draw another card.


Betting in baccarat

Now, you don’t need to just bet on yourself winning.  You can bet on the banker winning or there being a tie.

There is 5% commission but if you on the banker and they win, you get an even money return on your bet.

There is no commission however, if you bet on the player’s hand, and if it wins, you get an even money return on your bet.

Also, you can bet on a tie, for which the payout is a whopping 8-1.  If the hands tie, but you don’t be on a tie, your money is returned without any deductions.


So, all in all, a tie is a good result, whether you have bet on it or not!

Hopefully these rules will have helped you on your way to getting to know the game – and don’t forget, that of course, if you learn to play baccarat online you are going to be guided through the whole process by the casinos software.